LED Luminous Funny Cat Ball
LED Luminous Funny Cat Ball
LED Luminous Funny Cat Ball

LED Luminous Funny Cat Ball

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"My cat loves it! She chases the PetBall all day".

Finding toys that your pet is actually actively exercising can be quite difficult, and can often take a considerable amount of time. The PetBall is designed to automate the process of moving your pet and keeping them healthy and happy.

✔️ Automated running away: The PetBall automatically rolls through the room, away from all obstacles such as your pet, the walls and furniture. Your pet can follow him around the room over and over and keep him busy.

✔️ Never Feel Alone: If you're away from home for a few hours, your pet may feel a little lonely. If you leave the PetBall on, your pet won't feel alone because of the constant movement in the room.

✔️ Durable design: The PetBall is made to be played by animals, so the materials used are incredibly durable and non-toxic for your pet. They are bite, scratch and shock resistant.

✔️ The perfect gift for your pet: If you want to surprise your pet with a fun toy that will keep them occupied and entertained for a long time, then the PetBall is exactly what you are looking for.

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